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Post by V!sler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:27 am

After You have Downloaded Zynga Poker Bot

Download and run this code generator and run it on the PC that you plan to use the bot on. It will display code in a gui. (You MUST use this file to obtain your code) You can not run the bot until your code has been manually processed.

When you download a new bot, you MUST run it in a new empty folder .
Extract Zpb2011*.rar to an empty folder on your desktop.

Run Zpb2011*.exe and wait for it to complete.

If you are presented with a popup saying "Unknown Blind" with a picture of the blinds in it then enter the decimal amount of that blind. ie if the big blind is 2 then enter 2, if its 2k then enter 2000.

You are ready to go at this point, but it is highly recommended you first configure your settings to tell the bot which tables to play at, and what to do while playing, I advise a small blinds table to get you going.

Make sure the whole lobby is visible (if you did it correctly at the table while recording seat, it should be fine where it is) and click the 'start bot' button on the login box.

General Answers

Once you have started the bot, do not scroll or move your browser window.

Maximize your browser window.

Make sure the language is set to English In Game

Make sure you are not zynga VIP , the bot was never meant for VIP rooms and it simply will not work if you are zynga VIP

Are there any updates? have you installed them?

Have a look at the icon next to the !! SERVER STATUS !! thread, if its a thumbs down, then the problem is beyond our control and you should retry every 30 minutes or so.
A schoolboy error is that you do not have a picture in your profile, get one, if you do not.

Be sure you have entered your exact forum name as you used to register here, into the input field.

Make certain that Aeroglass theme is not set.

Be sure you have disabled Cleartype font smoothing.

Make sure you are not trying to run the bot on a different computer from the one which you generated the code.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking Zynga Poker Bot .

Make certain the flash game window is fully visible, particularly at the left and right and the info tooltip is not covering a single pixel of it.

Is your resolution 1024 X 768 or one of them? If so you are going to have problems, and you need to update your shitty screen or shitty computer.

Try un-installing the bot, an re-installing it to a folder on your desktop.

If you are asking any questions in the help forum (especially if you are new to bot) please supply a full screenshot of the instance you are failing with.

It is also a good Idea to hit the report button on the startup gui. This will generate a file named report.txt in the same folder from where you ran zpb2011*.exe, and it can indicate some problems both to yourself, and anyone trying to help you on the forum.

If you interfere in any fashion with the bot operation, including (but not limited to) making alternative manual plays other than what the bot is doing, moving your mouse out of the flash game window, moving or scrolling the browser window (no matter how small a move/scroll) etcetera, it will cause problems with pixel color detection and general coordinates and ultimately fuck things up.

In other words, this bot is meant to take total control of the mouse, it is not designed to have any user interaction on the PC while it is operating.

A slow or laggy internet connection can cause otherwise unexplained problems with the bot, as can zynga lag problems and shit computers. All of which we have no control over.

Check back here often, as it will be updated from time to time.


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