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Post by V!sler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:27 pm

This tutorial is written in the hope that you are competent enough with a computer as to access the internet. If you are not competent enough with a computer as to access the internet, you may want to question how you’re actually reading this.
So please read it carefully and slowly!!!

To Begin With…
Download the latest bot..

Before Clicking the .exe…

Once the bot is installed to location of your choice, open [bot folder]/settings.ini. Modify settings.ini to your preferences. Here, I will discuss settings which are relative to you:

; the minimum players at the table including yourself before the bot will leave table
This is the minimum number of players at the table (including yourself) that need to be present for the bot to stay at the table. If the number of players at the table you are at fall beneath the number you have specified, the bot will leave and go to another table. Normally, members set the number of minimum player at 5.

; the minimum big blind room your bot will stay in.
This is the smallest table that the bot will play on. Normally, anything above 4 is okay. Recently, Zynga have started sending higher players to 50 blind tables, so if you want to play on tables above 25/50 only, set this number to 200.

; the maximum big blind room your bot will stay in
This is the highest table that the bot will play on. If you are weary of the bot reaching a table of which you consider the blinds too high, specify the maximum blind that you will allow the bot to enter. For example, if you set the maximum blind to 80k, the bot will only play tables where the blind is equal to or lower than 80k.

; the number of big blinds your bot will sit with
This is how much the bot will buy into the table with. The number you specify is multiplied by the big blind of the table that you sit at. For example, a table buyin of 20 at a 25/50 table would mean that you are buying in with 1000 chips. A table buyin of 20 at a 5k/10k table would mean that you are buying in with 200,000 chips.

; should the bot log text log_text=1
This should always be set to 1, to use when you need assistance on this site.

; should the bot ask for a blind if it is not known log_screen_blind=1
This is if the bot should ask for an unknown blind. This must be set to 1.

;browser_title=Mozilla Firefox
other browsers
;browser_title=Internet Explorer
;browser_title=Google Chrome
;browser_title=Poker Bot Console

DownPercent =10

This was added so you do not wake up with 0 chips. With the above setting it will go to the lobby and pause the bot if your down 10% of your highest chip amount.

rounds =2

On a fold it will check for a few popups ever 2 rounds. Set it higher if you want. Right now the error popup is evil and if you happen to be in the bottom seat bad things may happen.


Set this to 1 to let the bot change the blinds for you according to how many chips you have. Nice for newer account if you have less then 10 mil.


Hard to explain this one so just let it stay at 3. If you change it, it will mess with your scores big time. If you care all it does it force the bot to think there is 3 people playing against you every hand all the time. Go ahead and change it IF YOU KNOW WHATYOUR DOING. If you want old school scoring use 0.

This is where you choose which browser you will be running the bot on.
Simply delete the [;] that is before you’re chosen browser title and file. And [;] will need to be added before browsers which you do not want to use.

This section constantly changes, so whilst writing this I’m going to presume that we all have common sense.

all_in =AA KK QQ JJ TT
raise =AK AQ AJ AT 99
call_strong =
call_any =
call_upto_high =
call_upto_low =KQ KJ 88 77 66 55
call_once =44 33 22
small_blind =

These are the hands which the bot act with pre-flop.You can edit this yourself to reflect your style of play. Hands which are not specified next to all_in, raise_strong, raise and call, the bot will check if available, and if not then will fold.


These are the post-flop score actions. When the bot plays, it calculates your chance of winning, given the flop. It changes once the turn is shown, and again following the river. ‘call’ means that the bot will call anything with the score specified, ‘raise’ means that the bot will raise with the score specified, and ‘all_in’ means that the bot will go all in with the score specified.

;this is the number x big blind that you wish to call on, so change it accordingly


This is how much the bot will call upto. The number you specify is multiplied by the blind, so if you’re on a 10k table with a call_upto_low amount of 4, the bot will call up to 40,000 chips call_upto_high amount of 10 will call 100,000 chips.

;This is the number x big blind that you wish to raise, so change it accordingly
preflopraiseamount =10
flopraiseamount =15
turnraiseamount =35
riverraiseamount =75
This is how much your bot will raise, if you have specified that it should do so. Yet again, the number is multiplied by the blind of the table you are at.

high =25
;This will go to a new room after > 25xbb is reached. So basically after a few wins it should go to another room.

low =15
;This will bank for you after you lose a few hands in a row. If your sitting with < 15xbb chips it will stand and sit with a fresh stack.

hands =30
staylonger =5

This simply will change rooms after 30 hands. Staylonger was added to let you play a few more hands in the room if your winning. It will add 5 hands every time you win if set to 5.

chips =5
raise =5

We are using Tesseract to read the chip amounts.
Its a 5 step process that happens very quickly.

Step 1 - Looks in your data/chips or data/raise folder to see if it already read the amount. If it has it simply reads from that .txt file. If not it goes to step 2.
Step 2 - Takes a screenshot of the raise box or the chips amount (top left of the game screen)
Step 3 - Resizes the screenshot to make it easier for Tesseract to try to read.
Step 4 - Tesseract reads the shot and outputs a .txt file.
Step 5 - It cleans up the reading (takes out $ and ,) and outputs another .txt file then deletes files it doesn't need.

Different PC's, different resolutions, video cards ect. means not all computers will read the same. So added a Resize option in your .ini that tells the bot what to resize the screenshot to in step 3.

If your bot folds on call_upto's when he should be calling, chances are its not reading the raise box correctly. You need to go to your data/raise folder and open up a bunch of .txt files and look for errors. You should see numbers without spaces. Spaces are evil and will mess up the bot. So assuming you see spaces Tesseract failed in reading the true amount. We have a fix for this!

If your call_uptos (data/raise) numbers are wrong try raise =5 then after a few call_uptos look again at the .txt files to see how the numbers are. If still messed up try 6 and so on.

Same for the chip amount. If your data/chips .txt numbers are wrong try chips =5 then check and redo until its reading correct. Call_once and raises use the same principle as call_upto so if your having issues do the same as above.

So basically if your chips are reading incorrect change
chips =4 to 5 and try again. Same thing for the raises..

Recording Seats…


It’s now time to open up facebook and sign into your account. Go onto the application: zynga texas hold’em poker.
Join an empty 9 seat table for selected blinds. Click on ZPB2010.exe and then click on SEAT and the bot will automatically record your seats. If you get a unknown blind pop-up enter a number of max blind. If you are on 5/10k table then enter 10000 not 10k!
Note: Bot record all seats but it sit only on one.

Things to Expect From the Bot…

The bot will take over your mouse while playing.
Dont touch, just watch .

Things Not to Expect From the Bot…

The bot cannot be run in the background, therefore the window that the bot is playing cannot be minimised or placed in the background. Also, the bot is not guaranteed to make you any profit whatsoever: despite being a game of skill, poker is also a game of luck!


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Post by yogi989 on Sun May 13, 2012 5:06 pm

my bot keeps on changing d room... it says blind too high or blind too small i tried all things... I changed d min and max buyin... set d amount in d box tht appears... but still it fcuks up... IT TELLS ME BLIND TOO HIGH OR LOW


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Post by yogi989 on Sun May 13, 2012 5:07 pm

DO u want my report


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Post by Admir on Sun May 13, 2012 6:23 pm

Stop spamming. WRONG SECTION!!!!!!!!!

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Post by yogi989 on Tue May 15, 2012 7:09 pm

sorry but can u help me..


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Post by horng20 on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:07 pm

call_once setting in bestbot.zpro can set can amount for xbb? need help pls


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