Different types of zynga poker bots

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Different types of zynga poker bots Empty Different types of zynga poker bots

Post by kaaskop31337 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:55 pm


I noticed several different types of bots on zynga lately.

Type 1: Raise 90% of stack preflop with a premium hand, then continue betting on every
street regardless of what falls.

Type 2: Raise an arbitrary amount before flop, some weird uneven number like
2,003,299,184, then continue making weird raises if nobody bets into him.
Also makes bluffs on the river if boards are checked to him in position.

Type 3: This bot.

Anybody have any information on type 1 & 2, where to find them, who makes them etc. Thanks.


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Different types of zynga poker bots Empty Re: Different types of zynga poker bots

Post by Sevemiyen on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:06 am

List of the forks who i know all this forks use the self source-code with litlle changes

Turk Poker Bot:
U can used only on 4 or 5 servers.. For the 'vip' version that u can use on all servers they will have money.

Bot from Mick alias Gaylord:
Very bad fork. Gthe admin 1 time at month online and less the ussers without support and will money for his bot. Thats a joke!

I find this version of the bot is the best, because its free amd the community is cool.
The other forks dont have a big change from this. Only that, u get this bot for free and the support is good


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