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Post by V!sler on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:00 am

Zynga Poker Bot is a program written in AutoIT which attempts to fully automate the process of playing texas holdem poker on Zynga (Facebook, yahoo, google+)

Setup Bot

* Bot work on Windows platform
* Bot now run on any Flash player version
* Bot work on 32Bit AND 64 Bit.
* Disable Cleartype fonts.
* Disable themes with Aero Glass.

Configure bot
* Start last bot version in empty folder
* Open zynga poker page from poker.zynga.com
* Make sure that there isnt any popup
* Press Configure bot
* step 1 Popup will appear
* before u press ok make sure u are at lobby in normal speed server and empty + full is unchecked
* after bot finish step 1 it will join empty table
* before u press ok for step 2 sit on any seat to make sure ur photo is appear clearly then stand up
* press ok on Step 2 popup
* Step 3 popup will appear
* Join table with 3 ~ 4 player any bind
* play 10 or 15 and make sure u press check call rasie fold
* press Insert to exit step 3
* now zpb2011 popup will appear
* fill the box with right image ,blank when the image is unclear or nothing in it
* when u finish Close bot and re open it
* now start bot option is available
* If u dont know how to set up bot please look at video bellow

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