I Must be the unluckiest man alive.

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I Must be the unluckiest man alive.

Post by AMIGAKID on Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:59 am

So im not the greatest poker player in the world and it takes me along time to build up what seems a small amount of chips in comparison to the results in chips you guys post. The 1st time i used pokerbot admir set it up for me via team viewer (Thanks Admir your truly a legend always available to answer my stupid questions). That night i lost all my chips because i stupidly set the bot to not quit after losing a set percentage. Same again last night i lost £600000 Embarassed I think its time i start playing another game because im either really really full of badluck or these 1k 2k scripts are just not working for me.

Do you guys seem to win much or is it purely luck?

As i am a newbie I would really appreciate it if you guys could reply with some friendly advice and maybe post your, settings.ini file and your Bestbot.zpro files so i can just drop them in the folder, and finaly start making some poker chips whilst i sleep instead of waking up to a couple of 100 in the morning. Its going to take me weeks to even get a few measly 1000 so i can start playing in the 1k 2k rooms again. Also is there anything else you can think of or recommend to me what i might be doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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