Suggestion to the bot please read.

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Suggestion to the bot please read.

Post by dminorkid on Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:18 am

The bot is nice and makes smart folds, calls, etc. I got the bot just to see what it does so if I ran up against someone I thought was botting I know its weakness. Like I said its smart doesn't make any stupid calls. Saying this I notice something that could improve the bot after the flop to help draws, this is if it went by odds. I'm not a coder so I don't know how difficult this would be, but I do know how to play poker and think it would help. A example, say I have a 6c 7c and the flop comes out 4c 5h jc. I have a total of 9clubs + 3 threes(excluding 3c) + 3 eights (excluding 8c)= 15 outs (x) rule of 4 = 60% chance of hitting what I want. So say the pot was 200 and my opponent bets half the pot of 100, meaning the pot equals 300 and 100 for me to call. So the total of the pot be 400 so I need 1/4=25% at least to call which I do. The turn is a 7h, opens up a 3 of a kind possibly now, so I still have the 15 outs from before + 2 more out in the 7s 7d = 17 outs (x) By the rule of 2 = 34% with the pot being at 400. The 7h does open up the chance of another straight which I can miss being made up of 6x8x (x=random suit) So say he limped in on a small/big blind of 50/100. On the flop the 4c 5h jc came out giving him a 12% chance to hit the straight. So if I bet 100 of the flop the pot would be at 300- which be 1/4 25% at least he would need to call which he doesn't with a 12%. But back on topic we have a 34% chance to hit and the pot is at 400. Lets say he bets 100 again, making the pot 500, with me having a 500 pot and a call of 100 I know that I need 1/6=17% at least to call.

Equation x = outs m%=My percent p%=Pot percent
x(x)4=m% odds (Pot+Bet(2))/Call=p% m% >= p%
Flop- 15x4=60% (200+100(2))/100=25% 60% >= 25%

Turn- 17x2=34% (400+100(2)/100=17% 34& >= 17%

Sorry for the long example but adding odds into after flops would do a lot for the bot. If you need any help with the odds or a better explanation let me know. My advice for everyone else that stuck around and read this is it gets easier to do odds; Just stick with it and it will become second nature. Also its actually easier then I explain it if you just go by the equation. Thanks everyone and please don't bash me to hard. bounce


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Nice Suggestion

Post by xXx~~~SHLOK~~~xXx on Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:24 pm

That was the first thing i thought when i used the bot! because i lost on A10 and the cards were QJ9 and then a K popped up after bot folded!


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